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Cellulite and fat mass treatment device 5 technologies in one.

Technology 1: Cavitation

The 40 KHz Cavitation technology in itself means that the ultrasound vibrates the fat cells so fast (high frequency) so vacuum bubbles are formed in the cell. As a result, the outer envelope of fat cells (the membrane) is “blown” and the fat ends up on the outside of the cells. Outside of the membrane, fat can be broken down into quickly accessible energy, which is then absorbed into the blood or transported by the lymph nodes, after which it is burned or stored in other fat cells elsewhere in the body.

Technology 2: 940nm infrared light

Infrared light (IR) has a direct and very positive effect on muscles and joints. LI increases oxygenation in cells and gives a warming effect, which leads to increased endorphin production which relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. LI also strengthens the elasticity of connective tissue and increases lymphatic and blood circulation. When treating the skin, for example, the face with IR, the clogged pores are opened, the gray and shiny skin gets a new and finer luster.

Technology 3: bipolar RF (radio frequency)

Bipolar RF causes water molecules in fat to spin at high speed to produce friction and shock, and then triglycerides are released from the fat. Bipolar radio frequency (RF) heats tissue up to 15-20mm of skin depth, ensuring that each layer receives heat evenly. The new collagen helps tighten the skin. This bipolar RF causes fat cells to connect more tightly, stimulates the regrowth of collagen, preventing soft skin from slimming treatment.

Technology 4: vacuum massage

Vacuum massages lift, mold and massage the skin in depth and on the surface. Massage also increases blood circulation, which leads to the release of fat from fat cells. The massage also provides a tightening of the skin.

Technology 5: mechanical roller massage

Mechanical roller massage acts in depth on densified connective tissues. Mechanical massage rollers enhance the cell-building activity of the skin, which results in drainage of thickened fat deposits.

Treatment principle:

The 940nm infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating it as RF energy penetrates deep into connective tissue; The synergistic combination of infrared laser and bipolar radio frequency energies increases intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heating empty skin (not to mention the role of specially designed rollers to manipulate RF up to 15-20mm). At the same time, the cavitation and manipulation of the mechanical tissues of the rollers prick and stretch the fibrillar connective tissue, effectively break down the subcutaneous fat as well as the extruded capillary vessel, increase lymphatic drainage, promote metabolism and reduce fat mass while greatly improving the body contouring effect; Vacuum skin-folding technology penetrates RF energy into specific folded skin, dramatically improving effect and safety, even for treating hazardous areas such as the upper eyelid area.


1. Intensive physical biolysis to eliminate fat

2. Melt excess fat, reduce body circumference

3. Slimming, reshaping and shaping the body

4. Cellulite reduction and massage

5. Multiple sleeves for all parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, belly, flanks, limbs and eyelids, etc.

6. Skin tightening, face lift, wrinkle removal, eyelid tightening, dark circles reduction, etc.

7. Smoothing tired areas, removing wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, face lifting.

8. Remove obstruction from canals and collaterals.

9. Many languages ​​available, intuitive operation with an easy interface, intelligent self-checking system for optimal security.