Portable HydraFacial

Portable HydraFacial

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To meet customer needs, the portable HydraFacial is equipped with abrasion, RF, ultrasound, cold, spray, cleaner. It is an effective beauty machine for facials. Smart program controlled water dermabrasion program can deep clean skin and pores in short time, it also inject deep skin nutrition. Radio frequency can help tighten the skin and keep it smooth.

The different tools of this portable machine offer different functions:

  • Abrasion
    Function : Deep skin cleansing, blackhead removal, product injection, skin whitening and softening, lymphatic drainage.
    Function : Dark circles removal, wrinkle removal, skin tightening.
  • Spray
    Function: Facial cleansing, incorporation of products.
  • Cold
    Function: Sedative skin, pore narrowing, nutrient lock
  • Function Facial cleansing, blackhead removal, incorporation of products.
    Function : Facial cleansing, blackhead removal, effect on products.

Technical Parameter:

Voltage: 110V-240V , 50 / 60HZ

Power : 200W

Dimension : 46 * 30 * 43cm

Weight: 15kgs

Positive abrasion pressure: 90Kpa

Negative abrasion pressure: 80Kpa

Flow: 50L

Cold temperature: 6-15 ℃

Ultrasound frequency: 24Khz

RF frequency: 1Mhz

Cleaner frequency: 24Khz