3D HIFU mobile

3D HIFU mobile

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This device is a portable version of the 3D HIFU machine. Stemming from the most recent high-end aesthetic rejuvenation machines, this machine offers three perfect functions: firming, rhytidectomy and shaping.

It is the safest and most effective treatment for aging and sagging facial skin today. The anti-wrinkle effect of the skincare device has been recognized by beauty industry authorities for all ages to cause no injury, recovery, or bleeding.

Treatment theory:

HIFU is the leading technology for non-surgical lifting and body shaping, the full name is Ultrasound Focused High Intensity. HIFU directly delivers heat energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissues which can stimulate and renew skin collagen, thereby improving texture and reducing sagging skin. HIFU will heat SMAS to 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, thermal energy raises the thermal coagulation point which accelerates the skin rejuvenation process and maximizes the skin layer tightening effect. Over a period of 90 to 180 days, the wound healing response stimulates long-term tissue remodeling and leads to further lifting and tightening, with results lasting for 1 to 3 years.

Main Features :

Brand Name: ZEDLER
Operating system: ultrasonic
Certification: CE
Feature: skin tightening, anti-wrinkle
Number of Handles: Triple Handle
Target area: face, body, eyes, neck / throat, lips, legs / arms
Type: Anti-wrinkle machine
Product Name: Portable 3D HIFU Machine
Treatment head: 3
Processing depth: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 13mm
Number of heads: 10 pcs
Energy type: HIFU
Energy density: 0.2-1.8 J / cm2
Power supply: AC220V 50HZ, AC110V 60HZ
Application: rejuvenation, tightening and lifting of the skin.
Treatment area: face and body

Features and Benefits
It is the unique model that combines 2D and 3D HIFU technologies in one portable machine.
3D HIFU can increase the processing speed of face and body.
Very good quality engine imported from America. The speed of each shot only takes 1 second.
Each round of this hifu machine has over 10,000+ shots which is the longest compared to similar machines.
High quality ceramic and copper pins are imported from Japan.
Patented handle designed with small spot size can effectively treat localized area, for example eye bags, crow’s feet.

Processing range:

Wrinkle removal

Anti-aging effect

Skin tightening


Thinning of the body