HIFU Vaginal Machine

HIFU Vaginal Machine

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From a global point of view:

This vaginal HIFU machine has a powerful firming effect to improve intimate life. It promotes vaginal secretion and lubrication, eliminating dryness. In addition, it improves the sensitivity of the vagina through cell regeneration, and ultimately, it improves health by reducing infections.

HIFU vaginal tightening is one of the most powerful non-surgical vaginal lifting and firming treatments. Over time, women may end up with a looser, more relaxed vaginal area with reduced elasticity. Now, for such a problem, women can choose to undergo HIFU ultrasound tightening treatment. This non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure can help improve your intimate life and restore your confidence.

This medical treatment achieves rapid vaginal contraction and rejuvenation, all in a non-invasive and painless manner. The treatment suitable for all women, without surgery, without pain, without risk. The treatment lasts 20 minutes and the patient can immediately resume her activities. Note that this device has no influence on fertility.

The HIFU Vaginal Machine tightens the vaginal fibroid wall and loose connective tissue located under the epithelia that line the urogenital mucous membranes with the emission of high intensity focused ultrasound.


By stimulating the production of collagen, the vaginal HIFU device can act on:

Sagging of the vagina.
The appearance of the genital lips.
Vaginal dryness.
Normalization of pH and vaginal flora.
Urinary incontinence