Body composition analyzer

Body composition analyzer

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Bioelectrical impedance, fat and body composition analyzer with printer.

This analyzer device applies the precise measurement of AVR microcomputer controller (based on new DXA statistical method) to analyze human body. Indeed, it can accurately calculate body weight BMI (body mass index), lipids and other health indicators using a bioelectric frequency impedance analysis (MFBIA) method.

The Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer instructs clients’ health and provides a scientific basis for effective weight loss. What is considered a technological breakthrough in the healthcare industry. Applicable to major fitness centers, weight training centers, medical centers, senior clubs, supporting weight loss projects.


Analysis of body composition.
Diet plan suggestion.
Suggested weight loss plan.
Print the body composition analysis report.
Estimate progress in controlling body fat.

Technical parameters:


Type: Biochemical analysis system, bioelectrical impedance analysis

Article: Bioelectric impedance analyzer,

Supplement: printer.

Input power: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60HZ

Screen: 320 * 240 STN LCD touch screen

Weight range: 10-300 kg.

External storage: large SD storage card.

Test time: <2 minutes.

Electrode method: 8-point contact electrode.

A test in 20 seconds: Quickly measure body fat, muscle mass and body water levels in under a minute. No dip without any discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the electrodes in your hand.

Two printers: Integrated thermal micro-printer and HP color printer included at no cost. The thermal printer operates quickly and conveniently, offering optional A4 color printing.

Accurate Measurement: The 8-point contact electrode method is very accurate for measuring the whole body, measuring 25 indicators of the whole body.

Mobile phone sight test results: wifi link, you can confirm the detailed test results by mobile phone. Including percentage of adipose tissue, muscle mass, percentage of water, etc.

Cloud software: Automatically back up all data from body composition analyzer units to the cloud database management system. Easily view and manage customer results and see their progress anytime, anywhere.

Test range:

Body fat
Weight without grease
Water content
Skeletal muscles
Target weight
Weight control
Fat control
Muscle control