HIFU 3D: Firming and thinning of the skin

HIFU 3D: Firming and thinning of the skin

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Non invasive:

Non-invasive treatment that stimulates the deep proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers.

Precise focus:

Direct access to the deep fascia does not damage surrounding tissue

Immediate outcome:

The contrast effect before and after the treatment is very apparent

Effective in one go

Impressive results can be achieved in just one treatment

Lasting effect

Lasting effect ranging from 12 to 18 months

No payback period

Immediate recovery after treatment; does not affect working life at all

3D technology

10-line treatments are intended for complete procedures, reducing treatment time and increasing treatment outcome

8 different cartridges

8 cartridges of different depth, skin firming and body contouring done with one machine

20,000 shots

Each cartridge can be used up to 20,000 shots, which is very cost effective

Intelligent software

User-friendly and simplified operating interface, with an intelligent mode as well as a professional mode that can be switched at will


I. An overview of the HIFU machine

Stemming from the most recent high-end aesthetic rejuvenation machines, this machine offers three perfect functions: firming, rhytidectomy and shaping.

The advancement of ultrasonic scalpel is that it adopts the most advanced power, deep penetration, which is able to reach the SMAS layer of the skin, immediately contracting the collagen, thereby stimulating the collagen fibers so that the The elasticity of the skin can be improved from the lower layer of the skin.

It is the safest and most effective treatment for aging and sagging facial skin today. The anti-wrinkle effect of the skincare device has been recognized by beauty industry authorities for all ages to cause no injury, recovery, or bleeding.

II. Principle of HIFU machine

Ultrasonic focusing reaches the SMAS layer with its specific high energy focused ultrasound, improves its suspension, completely resolves the problems of sagging and sagging of the face. It precisely positions the ultrasonic power on the 4.5mm SMAS under the skin, providing the best shaping, pulling and compacting effect for muscle growth and traction; impact on the 3mm collagen layer under the skin, restructuring and rebirth of collagen, solving aging problems by recovering elasticity, skin whitening, removing wrinkles and shrinking pores.

III. Technological advantages

MAX treatment area for one shot (face and neck):

o Length 25 mm

o Width 1 mm-10 mm

o Depth 3.0mm & 4.5mm;

Max treatment area for a shot (body):

o Length 25 mm

o Width 1 mm-20 mm

o Depth 8.0 mm and 13 mm.

IV. Technical parameters:

Voltage: 110V-240V

Frequency: 4mhz

Power : 100VA

Fuse : 6A net

Weight: 36 kgs

The user can adjust the parameters according to the demand. The shooting width is larger than others, which will not only shorten a lot of time to operate the HIFU machine on a face, neck or body, but also make the healing effect more uniform and hence, better rendered.
It adopts the most advanced high technology, being equipped with three treatment heads, it works precisely on different skin depths according to the condition of the facial skin. The power passes through the skin lightly during the treatment, and there is absolutely no injury.
It has a thermal effect on skin collagen and collagen fibers as well as a thermal stimulus on the fat layer and SMAS, the treatment effect of which is more visible than other treatments such as Thermite.
It is easy and convenient to use, no consumables are required, which greatly reduces processing costs.
The tightening and shaping effect is evident after treatment. It can be maintained for at least 18 to 24 months after treatment and achieve negative age growth of the skin once a year.
Daily life and work will not be influenced after the treatment